Ron – 2016

Ron is a flexible solution for collegiate workspaces. Thinking about design students and their collective needs, we designed a desk that can be flat packed and stacked, therefor be adjusted to the number of students in the studio. The storage space at each table can be organized individually through detachable boxes and a movable hollow textile part.

Using felt not only in visible parts, but also on the inside of the tabletop where the tube runs, makes it run smoothly in and out. Different variations of material and shape lead to the final form of a detachable clamp, which allows to hang an utensil collector or other bags and is also useful for cable management. The hollow part creates space for laminar objects, whereas other volumes locate in the detachable modular boxes. The table-tops can be stacked with a controlled distance of four centimeters, which allows to place the other parts between the boards and store them in a space-saving manner. Designed in collaboration with Maiella Di Donato.